Our Nurse Practitioners

Our Nurse Practitioners role is to:

  • Make professional decisions for which they are accountable
  • Make an assessment of patients’ needs based on highly developed skills including skills not usually exercised by nurses
  • Screen patients for disease and early illness
  • Make diagnosis
  • Develop an ongoing nursing care plan
  • Order necessary investigations
  • Provide counselling and health education
  • Work alongside other health care professionals

We also complete CPEx (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing) as part of some of the major abdominal surgeries which is completed by the consultant anaesthetists on twice weekly sessions. If you do require CPEx testing we would arrange for you to attend the hospital 3 days prior to the CPEx to come for COVID-19 swab test as this is considered a clean procedure which you require a negative swab result.

Here is a video of what happens during the CPEx  testing, please note that you will have electrodes placed on you so that we can get heart tracings during the bike testing:

Whilst you are awaiting your surgery you may have low iron which may require an iron transfusion which is carried out at South Shore primary care centre by the IV therapy team.

You may also need to attend our consultant Anaemia clinic to discuss and possibly send you for further investigations to find out why it continues.