There are ranges of treatments used in the Physiotherapy outpatient department. After your Consultant or another Doctor in the team has referred you to us, your Physio will carry out an assessment that will usually last around 40 minutes. A treatment plan will then be developed for your specific need.

Physio providing accupuncture to a patient

A patient undergoing acupuncture

Some examples of the treatments we provide are:


The insertion of needles into the body can have an effect on some symptoms,
such as pain or nausea. Some members of the Physiotherapy staff have training
in acupuncture and you may be offered this treatment if it is felt to be
appropriate for your condition.


Patient using a treadmill with the assistance of a Physio

Cardiovascular exercise is important to build up muscles and fitness

This may be to strengthen or re-educate certain muscle groups such as the quadricep muscles that may have wasted in patients with arthritic knees.


This may be ultrasound, megapulse, interferential or TENS. Your Physio will explain these terms.

Facial Stimulator

This is used for people who have Bell’s palsy and exercises the facial muscles.


These are useful when stiff joints may be causing a problem.

Muscle imbalance/Stability work

Some muscles may have shortened, while others may have lengthened, or even stopped working. This treatment will aim to correct the problems.


Is a modality of treatment that may be used for certain spinal conditions.

These are just some of the treatment methods used. Your Physio will discuss all aspects of your care with you at your initial assessment.