Dispensary Services

The team consists of Senior Technicians, Pharmacists, Technicians, student Technicians and Pharmacy Assistants.

We provide a service to all Blackpool Teaching Hospital wards, theatres, clinics and departments and North Lancashire locations of Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust.

A Pharmacist is present to provide a clinical check on all prescriptions, this ensures the safe and effective use of medicines.
Once this check has been completed, the prescription is dispensed by one of the team.
The dispensed items are then accuracy checked by a BTEC-Accredited Checking Technician. After final checks have been completed, the items are then dispatched to the relevant area. The majority of medication is dispensed via an automated dispensing system / robot. All medication is stored within the system and as a dispensing label is produced, a message is sent to pick the item requested and it is then delivered to the person requested via a series of lifts and conveyors.

Inside one of the Pharmacy robots


Upon discharge from hospital, all patients will be issued with a minimum of seven days supply of medicines.

Patients attending outpatient clinics, who are issued a prescription, will be given an initial supply from the Outpatient Pharmacy for any items that are required urgently.

Outpatient Pharmacy