Blood Transfusion

The Transfusion Laboratory Service works in conjunction with a team of transfusion practitioners to offer a range of tests and services to ensure the safe and effective use of blood components for patients, promoting safe transfusion practice within the Trust.  The department covers all hospital requests for blood, plasma (FFP), platelets, cryoprecipitate, Anti-D, Albumin and specialist clotting factors on a 24 hours a day, seven days- a-week basis.

The Blood Transfusion Laboratory works to internationally recognised standards as set out by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA). The Haematology Department (of which Blood Transfusion forms a part of ) is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory No 8867. The hospital also participates in the national reporting scheme for transfusion incidents (SHOT). The laboratory holds full UKAS accreditation to ISO 15189:2012.

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The two main areas the department works in are:

  • Blood Testing – testing of patient’s blood for and provision of compatible blood for transfusion during surgery, trauma, or for other medical reasons. Patient’s blood is examined for the presence of antibodies and donor blood is matched so that transfusions can be given safely to patients
  • Storage and issue of donor blood and blood products that are supplied by the National Blood Service. All products must be stored in designated refrigerators/freezers and the temperatures constantly monitored. Types of blood include:
    • Red Cells – standard blood for transfusion
    • Plasma – for patients with clotting disorders
    • Platelets – to help prevention of bleeding.

The Blood Transfusion Laboratory processes thousands of samples per year for blood grouping, irregular antibody screening, red cell compatibility testing and antenatal screening.

The laboratory also performs antibody investigations and red cell antigen typing.

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SpecialiSpecialist Practitioner of Transfusion

The Trust employs a Specialist Practitioner of Transfusion responsible for the education and monitoring of all staff involved in the transfusion process. This role provides a vital link between the laboratory and clinicians in matters relating to good transfusion practice. They are also responsible for coordinating the Trust’s response to national audit requirements.

Laboratory Location and Working Hours

We are located on the ground floor of the Pathology building.

In addition to the routine analytical service the department provides and urgent/emergency service 24 hours a day, every day.

Core hours: Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.15pm.

Please note that Monday – Friday, 00:00 to 08:00 AND Saturday – Sunday, 20:00 to 09:00 the department is staffed by a lone worker covering both Blood Transfusion and Haematology.

NB. Please note that staff are unable to give results directly to patients.