Clinical Biochemistry is the study of the chemical basis of disease. Many illnesses cause changes in the complex biochemistry of the body. Often, these changes can be detected by alterations of substances in the blood, urine or other fluids.

The Biochemistry Department measures a wide variety of chemicals that include carbohydrates (e.g glucose), electrolytes, proteins, enzymes, hormones, metals, lipids, drugs, and other substances to assist clinical staff to deliver high quality care for our patients.

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry provides a comprehensive Biochemistry Service to Blackpool Teaching Hospitals and to other hospitals and General Practitioners in the Fylde.

Biochemistry Staff member using equipment

Biochemistry is a UKAS accredited medical laboratory. No 8866. We are accredited to ISO 15189:2018 standards by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). We provide a wide range of over 150 different tests. In addition to the routine analytical service the department provides an urgent service 24hours/day every day. Biomedical Scientists maintain this service by participating in an extended working pattern. Two clinical scientists support the analytical service by providing a consultative and advisory service.

The department is committed to the provision of a high quality service. We participate in a full range of internal Quality Audit (QA) programmes that monitor the precision and accuracy of all patient results. The department participates in a large number of external QA schemes that assesses the performance of analyses by independently accredited bodies.

Biochemistry staff member working

This is a scientific service staffed by highly qualified Clinical Scientists and Biomedical Scientists assisted by a dedicated team of Medical Laboratory Assistants.

Laboratory Working Hours

Monday – Friday
Core hours:  9.00am to 5.15pm

The laboratory provides a 24 hour / seven-day-a-week service.

A UKAS accredited Medical Laboratory; No. 8866

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