Pain Management Programme

What is a Pain Management Programme?

Everyone that comes to a pain management programme has suffered with long-term pain.

The Doctors have been unable to cure the pain and many people with chronic pain find it affects most aspects of their lives. They may have difficulty doing the housework, or going to work. It may affect their social life and the ability to enjoy hobbies. This may, in turn, cause them to become frustrated, depressed and worried about the future. Pain Management aims to help with these broad consequences of chronic pain and assist individuals to improve on their overall quality of life.

Pain Management does not aim to cure your pain, but to offer a range of techniques to help you manage your pain more effectively. No further investigations or invasive treatments will be offered.

What are the aims of the Pain Management Programme?
  • To understand the pain and what is wrong
  • To get fitter and stronger within your pain limits
  • To reduce the effects of stress
  • To learn new ways of managing everyday activities
  • To find out what you can do to help yourself with pain
  • To feel more in control
  • To help people to do more for themselves without making the pain worse

…and above all…

  • To rediscover that life can be FUN again.

If you do agree to attend a Pain Management Programme, we expect that you will:-

  • Attend all the sessions. Research shows that patients get the most from this programme when they attend every session.
  • We also only have limited places and need your commitment so we do not waste valuable NHS resource
  • There is a friends and family day and you must bring someone with you on this day
  • Try to keep an open mind. Remember that Pain Management is not just another treatment
  • You will get out of it what you put into it – we have to work together. We will help you to make changes, but your success is entirely down to your own efforts.

Please ask us if you have any questions or worries.

We have carried out some research of our Pain Management Programme and published a paper detailing the results. Please find a link to this paper below.  This research demonstrated that people who attended the Blackpool Pain Management Programme experienced significant improvements in their physical and psychological wellbeing.

Blackpool Pain Management Progamme