Information for Referrers

The Pain Management Service is for patients with pain that persists beyond the time that tissue healing would normally be expected, which is taken as beyond 3 months. The Pain Management Service is not a diagnostic service and sees patients once all investigations are completed and have been discussed with the patient. We also do not provide support regarding benefit claims.

Chronic pain is a common complex sensory, emotional, cognitive and behavioural long term health condition which occurs when pain cannot be resolved by available medical or other treatments. Any chronic pain that may be treatable by pain management methods for example musculoskeletal pain, fibromyalgia, hypermobility syndrome, visceral, neuropathic, phantom, or central pain and/or pain from identified disease such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are seen by the service. Patients that are suffering with disability and distress related to their pain are most appropriate for the service.

The aim of the service is to improve the physical, emotional and social dimensions of health and functioning for people with chronic pain.  Treatment requires an interdisciplinary approach to help patient to live a full life despite their pain.

Referral Exclusion Criteria

Referrals are not accepted if the patient has:

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome where pain is not the primary problem
  • Currently under the care of another Pain Management Service
  • Referral Specifically for investigation of symptoms


Patient may be seen but we are limited in our ability to help those with:

  • Ongoing or require further diagnostic investigations
  • Ongoing medical treatment related to the pain problems that could provide relief or a change in pain symptoms e.g. on the waiting list to see Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, MSK, Neurology etc.
  • Severe and active mental health problems e.g. suicidal action plans and recent attempts, uncontrolled psychosis, anxiety problems that limit their ability to attend the service.
  • Ongoing illicit drug and/or alcohol problems
  • Significant levels of stress that would stop them from attending appointments e.g. benefits tribunals, legal action ongoing, family problems, recent bereavements
  • Other physical health problems that would make it difficult to attend the pain management service

Useful Information to include in your referral

  • Main problems
  • How did the pain manifest
  • Investigations and treatments performed and outcomes
  • Current medication
  • Other physical health problems and ongoing treatments
  • Involvement with other services
  • Level of distress and current stressors
  • History of mental health problems
  • Activity levels e.g. staying in bed all day, working, exercise current undertaken