Patient Comments

General Comment

‘All these sessions are very informative, especially medication, flare ups and friends and family.’
‘Definitely would come and persevere with it, It will help you in the long run.’

‘Give it a go. It will change your life, got nothing to loose.’

About the Physiotherapy on the Pain Management Programme:

‘Very productive and gentle – nobody pushing us to unrealistic achievements’

‘I found it fantastic, I understand more about pain with knowledge how to help myself’

‘Gave me more energy and lots of information.’

About the Psychology sessions on the Pain Management Programme:

‘Excellent – I didn’t know that such knowledge was available and it has made a big difference to my life.’

‘This was very helpful, I am now more aware how much the mind and body works’.

Friends and Family Comments:

‘Informative, vey important part of the programme.’

‘Overall a good day, my understanding of chronic pain is better.’

‘Helped knowing there are others going through the same thing’

‘Helped friends and family to understand how we (the patient) feel but can’t explain’

‘Given friends and family and patients clearer understanding/appreciation of each others point of view’