Frequently Asked Questions

As this guidance is frequently changing, it will be updated regularly.

Is the Outpatients Department closed?

No, but we are providing a limited Outpatients service to keep our staff and patients safe. Where possible, appointments will be conducted over the telephone, video or postponed until social distancing restrictions are reduced.

Are you cancelling any Outpatient appointments?

Any appointments that are urgent e.g. suspected cancer referrals will go ahead where possible. This will be in the form of a face-to-face appointment or a telephone or video appointment, dependent on clinical advice. If you are on active treatment that requires monitoring e.g chemotherapy or biological therapies, follow ups will be continued and will receive communication from the relevant secretary.

We will contact you in advance to book this appointment.

We are where possible starting to reinstate some routine outpatient activity. The majority of these appointments will be either by telephone or video consultations. Only those appointments where an examination is required will be asked to attend the hospital.

My appointment has been cancelled. What happens next?

In an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus, many outpatient appointments have been cancelled during the Covid-19 pandemic and patients must only attend the hospital where clinically necessary. If your appointment could not be conducted via video or telephone and was cancelled, the Trust has placed you on a holding list. Once the clinics are able to resume, the clinicians will triage appointments for each specialty and you will be contacted to arrange a new appointment.

Do you have my correct phone number? How can I check?

We will have collected your phone number when you last attended the hospital. If it is your first attendance the GP will have supplied us with this information.

If you have recently changed number or are unsure whether we have the correct information, please advise us on 01253 957097.

I want to change my appointment time. How do I do that?

Please contact us using the telephone number at the top of your appointment letter.

Which hospital / sites does this apply to?

This applies to all sites that Blackpool Teaching Hospitals operate outpatient services from, which includes: Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Clifton Hospital, Lytham Primary Care Centre and Fleetwood Hospital.

Face-to-Face Appointments

I do not want to attend my appointment alone. Am I allowed to bring someone along to my appointment for support?

When it is necessary to attend the hospital, the patient should attend alone. Visitors should observe strict two metre social distancing principles whilst moving around the hospital, wear face coverings and adhere to strict handwashing on entering and leaving the hospital and clinical areas.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our patients, communities and staff across the organisation remain our highest priority. Where this is not possible please contact the ward or department in advance to discuss appropriate arrangements for your outpatient appointment.

I have a face-to-face appointment but I am concerned about being exposed to the virus. Are there any measures in place to limit exposure to the virus?

The Trust has taken numerous steps to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 within our hospitals. There is strict two metre social distancing principles that must be observed, medical face masks are to be worn throughout the hospital (these will be provided upon entry to the hospital), patients must socially distance whilst seated in waiting areas and adhere to handwashing on entering and leaving the hospital and clinical areas.

I or a member of my household has symptoms – can I still attend my appointment?

Only patients who are asymptomatic should attend their outpatient appointment, ensuring they comply with normal social distancing requirements. If you think you may have symptoms or have had a positive test for Covid-19, please do not attend your appointment and inform the hospital of your status.

Telephone Appointments

Will you send me notes / a transcript of my call?

No, a transcript of your call will not be available. The clinician will dictate a letter following the consultation as per normal procedures and may take additional notes. These are recorded in you patient case notes – a copy of which can be requested at any time through Data Access by calling (01253) 952518.

Is it OK for me to record my call?

Yes, but you must inform the health professional that you will be recording the call so they can add this to your patient case notes, including responsibilities and any concerns discussed. This should be only used to support you and be for your personal use only. You are responsible for keeping it safe and secure.

I don’t want a call; I only want to see a Doctor in person. Can I come into the hospital?

The need for a face-to-face appointment will be determined clinically. We are following Government advice in relation to minimising social interaction so we would strongly advise that only patients who need to attend the hospital do so.

I’m elderly and I’m suspicious of ‘scam’ calls. What number will the call come from? How do I know that the person I’m speaking to is who they claim to be?

Our calls will only come from one of the three numbers below:

  • 01253 300000
  • 01253 650001
  • 01253 308200.

Will you send me the name of the caller beforehand so I know who to expect?

You will be called by the named clinician on your appointment letter or a member of their team.

I won’t take calls at home because I don’t trust it. I want a phone number I can call back on.

If you are uncomfortable with us calling you, please call the Appointments Office on 01253 953540 and we will try to make alternative arrangements for your appointment.

Will I be asked to give out any passwords or bank details?

No. We will never ask for such information.

In line Trust Information Governance policy, we will only ask you to confirm the following:

  • Title
  • Date of Birth
  • Address including postcode
  • Contact numbers
  • GP name
  • GP surgery address
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Ethnic origin,
  • Are you are a permanent resident in the UK?

For more information, including how to look after yourself and your loved ones, just visit our COVID-19 page.