Booking an Appointment

The appointments team handles the booking of all new and follow up appointments for consultant-led services.

If your GP, dentist, optician or other clinical services feels that you require an appointment within a hospital setting, your referral will be sent to our outpatient booking department.  The first appointment is usually made by your doctor’s surgery through the e-referrals system or other appropriate methods.

When an appointment is available for you, we will either attempt to call you to book an appointment date, or a letter may be sent through the post to you, therefore, it is very important to check that the person who referred you has your correct address, mobile and home telephone numbers so that they communicate the correct details to us.

If the Trust cannot manage to book your appointment, it is probably due to all the appointment for those services are full. Don’t worry, your referral letter will still come through to the hospital and we will liaise with the managers for that specialty and the appointments team to arrange an appointment for you.

Additional Support:

If you require the assistance of an interpreter during your appointment, please contact the appointments manager who will be pleased to send you a list of interpreters available in the area.

The Trust has set a standard for interpreters and has specifies that they should be a registered trainee or registered qualified interpreter. If you decide to use an interpreter who does not have the same qualifications, the Trust cannot accept any liability.

To meet the needs of the profoundly deaf, the Trust provides loop systems. Please ask at the reception if you wish to use it. We try extremely hard to make our services accessible to everyone.