The Orthopaedics service at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a vital service provided by the Trust.

As we age, we can suffer with forms of bone or joint pain – everyday wear and tear can gradually take its toll. If this happens, we understand the importance of acting quickly to manage the condition so that it doesn’t restrict your mobility and affect everyday life.

Sports injuries and severe arthritis can also impact our bones and joints and treatment may range from physiotherapy, injections to the joint (or around it), keyhole surgery or various forms of joint replacement.

Our Orthopaedic team is made up of clinicians who are experts in their field. We have specialist surgeons who are here to ensure your care is quick and effective. The department carries out a range of surgery, including joint replacements such as knees and hips.

Thanks to today’s technology and medical care, treatment is more effective than ever.

Our skilled team perform hundreds of surgeries each year with patients often making full, fast recoveries. They also work with colleagues across the hospital to provide pre-surgery and post-operative care.