Members of the Team

The MSK Service is a team of health care practitioners who can help you with your musculoskeletal problems. The team works closely together and can easily escalate your care, to other members of the team or other services

Consultant Physiotherapist

A Consultant physiotherapist is a highly qualified clinical expert in the field of musculoskeletal conditions. They carry out in-house ultrasound (sonography) assessment and treatments. In addition to clinical practice they lead on service development to enhance patient care and experience.   They work towards developing and extending the responsibilities of physiotherapists. They are also experienced organisational leaders on projects, pathway development or implementation of services within physiotherapy.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

A Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon is an expert in the management of musculoskeletal conditions. Within the MSK service they provide expert opinion particularly on the surgical options for musculoskeletal conditions. They work closely with the Consultant Physiotherapist to develop the service, enhance patient care and experience, develop staff, and take lead on projects.

GP with Special Interest

A GP (General Practitioner) with Special Interest is an experienced GP who, in addition to their core general practice, has undertaken specialist training to gain extra qualifications to enable them to carry out musculoskeletal assessments. They provide highly specialised assessments and can undertake injection therapy, consider requesting investigations, or providing onward referrals. They also provide additional support to the team particularly around non-musculoskeletal problems.

Extended Scope Practitioner

Extended Scope Physiotherapists (ESPs) are advanced physiotherapists with many years of clinical practice, who work beyond the recognised scope of physiotherapy practice. This means that they provide a highly specialised assessment and can undertake duties such as providing injection therapy, carry out ultrasound (sonography) assessments, request appropriate investigations like x-rays or MRI scans, or consider onward referrals to other services such as Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Pain Services. In addition, they provide support to the physiotherapy team.

Team Leader

The team leader is a physiotherapist who looks after the running of the departments. They have responsibility for ensuring the departments meet patients’ needs and deal with any concerns that they may have. They are also happy to receive any compliments that are directed to the service.

Clinical Specialist

A Clinical Specialist is an experienced member of the physiotherapy team who is responsible for the clinical supervision of the physiotherapists within their team. They are the link between physiotherapy and tier 2.


Our team of physiotherapists all have Health Care Professional Council registration having undergone pre registration training. The physiotherapists within the service are able to assess, diagnose and formulate a treatment plan or discuss options.

Technical Instructor

Technical instructors help to support the physiotherapists and have been deemed competent by qualified staff to assess and manage various problems. They have the support of qualified staff.

Physiotherapy Assistant

A Physiotherapy assistant can help you through 1:1 rehab sessions or assist in the running of classes. The physiotherapist may ask you to do a program they have put together with the assistant to help you with your problem.