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Data Linkage

A range of information is kept routinely by organisations like the NHS and providers of other services. We will be comparing some of the information held in these records about you and your baby so we can understand how health and other life events are related. This is called ‘information linkage’. We will only be linking information from records which are related to you or your child’s health and well-being.

Please see this leafet for more information.

Baby Steps

Virtual Delivery

August 2020

Baby Steps is a perinatal educational programme offered to all expectant parents who live in Blackpool. It’s designed to help prepare people for becoming parents, not just for the birth itself.

The programme starts around the 26th to 29th week of pregnancy with  a call from a Family Engagement Worker to tell you all about the programme and answer any questions you may have.  There are four weekly group sessions before your baby is born and two more group sessions after.

The groups are led by a Family Engagement Worker and a Health Visitor, and they are joined by a midwife for a session to discus pregnancy and labour.

You will have access to films, group discussions and creative activities. They sessions are interactive and designed to build confidence and communication skills. There’s a strong focus on building relationships between parents and their babies.

The group sessions will cover the baby Steps themes:

  • the development of my/our unborn baby and changes for me and us
  • my/our health and wellbeing
  • giving birth and meeting my/our baby
  • caring for my/our baby and who is there for us – people and services.

Registrations are made through midwifery at point of the booking appointment or self registration for expectant parents with a Blackpool postcode.  For more information please contact:


Tel:  01253 953049

If you live in Fylde and Wyre, please speak to your midwife to see what is available in your area.