Initial Assessment Appointment

What is the Specialist Weight Management Service?

Our service is different from any other Weight Management services you may have been to before.

Our aim is to provide intensive support and education on how to make long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes to lose weight and improve physical and emotional well-being.

Our team of Weight Management experts work together to help people plan, develop and reach their weight loss goals. We use a combination of group and individual therapy to help people lose weight and to maintain their weight loss.

Our programme could last up to one year, the level of input from each team member is tailored to meet individual needs.

Initial Assessment with a Team Member

At your first appointment you will see a clinician who will initially ask you to complete a number of questionnaires, if you require reading glasses please bring them. They will then talk to you about your eating habits; activity patterns, dieting history and how you feel about your weight. This detailed assessment will help us to offer you the most appropriate support for your individual needs. This may sometimes include referring you on to other services such as mental health support, eating disorders or other community services.

Please allow up to 90 minutes for your 1st appointment. This will give you a chance to consider which steps you want to take with our help and enables us to build a plan that is tailored to your individual needs.

After your initial assessment, you may be offered a group to attend, or individual appointments with the Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, Dietitian or the Doctor. These appointments might be of an ‘intensive’ nature which means you could be seen every week or every two weeks to help support you to make the changes that are agreed.