General Cath Lab Advice

What should I bring with me?

As the majority of our procedures are day case procedures you do not need to bring many items with you. Night clothes, toiletries and a change of clothes in case you stay over night are recommended.
Please bring all your medications with you, you will be able to take them on the ward unless specifically asked not to.

Should I take my medication on the day?

All patient cases are different. Please follow any medication advice given in your letter or the nurse at the pre-admission clinic.

When can I go home?

The majority of patients go home the same day of their procedure.
Exceptions are pacemakers, ICDs and biventricular pacemakers which will need to stay the night to have an X-ray and pacemaker check the next day.
Rarely angiogram and angioplasty patients may need to stay over night if the case is complicated, so we recommend you bring night clothes and fresh clothes for the next day.