Heart attack campaign

Every year 70.000 people in the UK suffer from a heart attack. One in three people who have a heart attack die before reaching hospital.

This means that one of the arteries supplying the heart is blocked and the heart muscle dies. The longer patients wait before calling for help the larger the damage to the heart and the higher the risk of death. In heart attacks every minute counts.

We have joined with Blackpool CCG Think Why A&E to create an awareness campaign to stress the need for quick intervention following the onset of a heart attack.

Often patients wait for hours before asking for help, some even wait for days before seeing the GP. The longer the heart attack is left untreated the greater and more irreversible the damage is to the heart muscle. This results in a condition called heart failure that requires repeated hospital admission, implantation of complex devices and even death.

Not what it seems!

“The main reason for delays appears to be that patients do not think that they are having a heart attack when the symptoms start. We have asked patients who were admitted to the Lancashire cardiac centre with a heart attack how they would describe the symptoms leading up to admission. We were surprised that the classic symptom of chest pain hardly featured at all. The most common discomfort described was Indigestion.” – Jonas Eichhofer, Consultant Cardiologist at the Lancashire Cardiac Centre.

The faster you act the more chances you have of muscle tissue around your heart being saved and the better your recovery will be.

Paramedics would rather be called out to find an honest mistake has been made than be too late to save a person’s life.

If you think you are having a heart attack it is time to THINK A&E and call 999. It could save your life.

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