Information For Patients

All wards in the Lancashire Cardiac Centre are dedicated to patients with heart conditions, so you can be assured that all the staff involved in your care are enthusiastic and experienced in cardiac disciplines. Your care plan will be detailed to your specific needs and you will be involved wherever possible. To respect patient’s privacy, religious and personal beliefs, patients will stay in same sex bays while on the ward and sometimes single rooms depending on circumstances.

Everybody’s stay in hospital can be unique, different types of procedures, different types of patients. To keep things easier our wards are split into cardiac and cardiothoracic (heart and lung). Information and visiting times on each ward can found under ‘Visiting Hours’.

We’ve included details on what to expect depending on whether your route is surgical therapy or cardiac catheter laboratory based and also details about the tests you may have.

Surgical procedures include: coronary artery bypass surgery, value repair / replacement, surgery to the aorta, surgery to the lungs, surgery to the oesophagus.

Cardiac catheter laboratory procedures include: coronary angiography / angioplasty, internal cardioversions, pacemaker / internal cardio-defibrillators implantation.

Use the links below to move to information that can explain the tests or treatment you may undergo or search for answers in our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. There are also various links in the right-hand blue sub menu that may be of help to you.