The Lancashire Cardiac Centre has five operating rooms, with four currently in use. The design of the building incorporates room for expansion; it is anticipated that the fifth space will eventually become a multi-functional operating suite for minimally invasive cardiac and thoracic surgery, equipped with the appropriate imaging equipment.

The patients’ journey through the theatres, no matter how large or small your operation, is intended to maximise patient safety, comfort, dignity and quality of care by the multi-disciplinary theatre team.

The theatre medical team consists of:

  • 7 consultant cardiac surgeons
  • 10 consultant anaesthetists
  • Surgical registrars
  • Anaesthetic registrars
  • Senior house officers

The theatre team consists of:

  • A theatre manager
  • Practice development sister
  • 1 senior lead practitioner
  • 1 senior charge nurse
  • 2 leads
  • 4 sisters
  • 14 theatre nurses
  • 8 operating department practitioners
  • 2 trainee assistant theatre practitioners
  • 4 healthcare assistants
  • 2 receptionists
  • 3 theatre orderlies
  • A perfusion manager
  • 6 perfusionists
  • 2 trainee perfusionists
  • Surgical care practitioners
  • 3 trainee surgical care practitioners
  • Domestics Patients families are asked not to contact the theatre department for information regarding their relatives but refer their queries to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit