Ward 38

Ward 38 specialises in adult Cardio-Thoracic surgery , caring for people from all over the North West , who require Heart or Lung surgery. Ward 38 itself is a busy 28 bedded ward , 4 of these beds are High Care beds for patients who require closer monitoring.

The ward is divided into six, four bedded bays , and four ensuite side rooms. Each bay has its own toilet and shower facilities and the ward has a disabled bathroom with easy access. The ward is mixed sex but each bay is single sex apart from the high care bay. We work hard in maintaining privacy and dignity in nursing our patients.

Each patient has bedside telephone and television facilities and they can be accessed by purchasing a card which are available on the corridor outside the ward. There are also two dayrooms available for quiet reading .

The ward operates a Protected Meal Time policy and after lunch our patients are given a undisturbed rest period to aid recovery Our patients are looked after by extensive specialised multi-disciplinary team which includes 7 CardioThoracic Consultant surgeons and Anaesthetists, Physiotherapists and Nurses .We are also able to refer to a wide range of other departments like the dieticians and Occupational therapists, to ensure all our patients needs are met prior to discharge

Visiting Hours are 2.00pm-3.30pm and 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Located on 1st floor of Lancashire Cardiac Centre