Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

CITU is a 20 bedded unit that provides intensive/high dependency care for patients who have undergone cardiac or thoracic surgery.

Almost all patients are admitted to the unit directly from theatre following their operation. Due to the nature of the surgery the patients require a high level of monitoring and support from our nursing team. All patients are nursed either on a one nurse to one patient ratio or a one nurse to two patients ratio.
Most patients are discharged to the cardiothoracic ward (38/39) within one to two days following their operation.

Sharon Clitheroe, the clinical nurse manager, has overall responsibility for the management of the unit.
On a 24 hour basis there is a sister or charge nurse who is in charge of the day to day running of the unit. They have many years of experience in cardiothoracic surgery.

Visiting times on CITU is restricted to 2 – 4pm and 6 –7 pm. This is restricted to two relatives per bed. It is important that the patients get as much rest as possible. Next of kin are encouraged to telephone the unit to keep updated on the patient’s progress.