Nurse Led Heart Failure Clinic

We run clinics each morning (Mon-Fri) and a Wednesday/Thursday afternoon based at The Lancashire Cardiac Centre Outpatient Department.

We will have likely been provided with a referral whilst you were in hospital for you to attend our outpatient clinic and possibly one of us will already have met you whilst you were an inpatient.  An appointment will be sent out to you in the post.  Your allocated time is half an hour.  We will assess your follow up requirements at the time of the appointment and make further appointments with you if required.  Occasionally we may have to rearrange your appointment; however this is a rare occurrence.  During the Nurse Led Heart Failure Clinic, we will assess your symptoms, review your medications, and request any investigations that may be required, provide you with education in relation to your symptoms and offer you surveillance of your condition as well as optimising your heart failure medications (this may be done in concordance with your GP).  We may also offer to refer you to the following services:

Heart Failure Cardiac Rehabilitation

Heart Failure Occupational Therapist

Clinical psychologist