Heart Failure Diagnostic Clinic

The Heart Function Diagnostic clinic is a clinic for any patient with a raised NT Pro BNP >400 with signs and symptoms suggestive of heart failure but no previous diagnosis of heart failure. Patients are triaged according to NT Pro BNP result and the supporting clinical history.

In addition to echocardiogram and in accordance with NICE guidelines the following will be considered:

– The aetiology of heart failure and the treatment if required of this condition

– The need for additional diagnostic tests e.g. Dobutamine stress echo, transoesophageal echo, coronary angiogram, CT coronary angiogram, Cardiac MRI, holter monitoring, Myocardial Perfusion scan.

– Pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy

– The role of cardiac device therapy

Patients can be referred to the Heart Failure Diagnostic clinic via GP/Heart Failure Nurse/Other clinician following hospital admission/attendance.