Heart Failure Service

Consultant Cardiologist: Alison Seed

The Nurse Led Heart Failure Service is based at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals, Lancashire Cardiac Centre.  This is a multidisciplinary team looking after patients with heart failure symptoms due to a variety of causes. The team aim to reduce hospital admissions and reduce length of stay in hospital.  We deliver evidence based care and empower our patients to manage their heart failure condition at home. The heart failure service work closely with other disciplines within the Lancashire Cardiac Centre such as: The Cardiac Investigation Unit, Arrhythmia Nurses, Pre-admission Nurses, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Clinical Psychology.  We hope you will find our team accessible and supportive with regard to the management of any patient with heart failure

We are supporting the use of Map of Medicine a Nationally available, evidence based and up to date management guide.

We have created a local version with local recommendations, contact details and referral forms added to the original.
Smart card is required to access this version.

Map of Medicine is user friendly and we would encourage everyone to open the links below and explore the ‘Heart Failure’ pathway. Training in the use of Map of Medicine is available if required – please contact the library for more information.

Links are also given to NICE ‘quick reference guides’ for biventricular pacemaker (CRT) and intracardiac defibrillator (ICD). The indications are broader and simpler than you may think and we would encourage review of the criteria and discussion with our team regarding any patient you believe may be a candidate.

The referral forms for our service are also individually available.