Centre of Excellence

As a centre of excellence Lancashire Cardiac Centres offers patients the very latest in diagnostics, treatments and surgical techniques. This is ensured by the commitment of our cardiologist, cardiac surgeons and cardiac anaesthetists to the prevention and treatment of heart disease, which in turn leads to improved care for thousands of cardiac patients across the Lancashire and South Cumbria area.

In order to maintain our stance as a centre for excellence in cardiology it is important that continuous training, education and clinical practice are constantly reviewed and revised.

This is achieved through a system of audits into our clinical efficiency, inter-team meetings and multi-disciplinary team meetings where cases can be discussed and highlight the best course a patients treatment can take.
Alongside this our healthcare professionals are constantly looking at new ways to manage patient’s treatment;  from attending courses on cutting edge treatments to actually implementing these techniques and improving patient outcomes.

Being a centre of excellence for Lancashire and South Cumbria isn’t easy but we are continually striving to be at the fore-front of cardiology, investing in new technology and new types of procedures.

Not everything we do is your everyday run-of-the-mill cardiology. Some of the things that keep us cutting edge are: Port-access Mitral valve replacement, endovascular vein harvesting, ventricular assist devices and percutaneous aortic valve replacement. To find out information the procedures that keep us cutting edge click on the purple tabs on the left.