About Us

The Trust is delighted to be able to offer complete cardiac care, from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up, in one location. The centre is purpose-built to provide high quality healthcare in a safe and welcoming environment and the highly trained and talented multi-disciplinary team is available to provide the complete package of cardiology and cardiothoracic surgical care within these facilities.

We monitor the outcomes of our work closely, and are pleased that our results consistently place us amongst the leading cardiac centres in the country. We are continually striving to increase the quality, range and efficiency of our services. Current developments include an electrophysiology service to investigate and treat patients with disorders of their heart rhythm, and the development of minimally invasive cardiac and thoracic surgery to minimise the stress of surgery, improve recovery times and allow a speedy return to a normal life.

The centre has also been designed with the future in mind. Using this capacity we have already expanded our operating theatre numbers from four to five and our fourth cardiac catheter laboratory is being updated for our electrophysiology service requirements. New services are always in development to meet the growing demands of the population and the growing demands of cardiology.

The innovative, state-of-the art design, from the welcoming atmosphere in reception to the cleverly thought-out solutions to access and privacy, offers a peaceful and modern. We offer the highest level of heart and chest surgery as well as less invasive heart procedures and treatments offered by excellent cardiologists.

Please see our Centre of Excellence page for details of our research, trials and audits underway to help us constantly improve our service to you, along with details on new techniques in progress within the department.