Information Sharing Partners

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals – Data Controller

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is a Data Controller because it processes personal identifiable information in a number of ways to support the provision of healthcare.

We regularly work with other healthcare providers to ensure you receive the best possible care and these include (but are not limited to):

  • GPs
  • Social Services
  • Care homes
  • Other hospitals.

Before we share information with our partners, the Trust will ensure there is a legal basis identified for doing so.

Sharing information for your direct care has a legal basis under GDPR and in some instances we have documentation in place known as Information Sharing Agreements (ISA). The ISA sets out the way in which information is shared and how it is transferred to another organisation.

You can also view a high level flow map to help you understand who we routinely share information for your care. This list is not exhaustive, but is meant to give an overall view. (Please note, the list is a pdf and is not an accessible document)