4D Scanning

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is now offering a unique 3D/4D Scanning service at the weekends.    This service will commence from the end of September 2014.

With state of the art equipment we can now scan in 4D.  4D is a moving 3D image.  The images we print are static, so they become 3D.   The clarity of your scan and pictures depend on the position of your baby and placenta, the amount of fluid around your baby and maternal size.  The best time to have your scan is between 26 and 30 weeks.     You must have had your 20 week anomaly scan at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals before attending for a 4D scan.

If you wish to take up this opportunity please telephone us on the number below.

Scan Cost

The cost of this scan is £80 and will last around 20 minutes and you will be given 4 pictures.  The cost of a scan for twins is £100 and will last around 30 minutes.  Please note we only take card payments.

Book an Appointment

Please ring 01253 957815 and leave a message with your details, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.  This service currently only operates on a Saturday.

If, during this scan, we suspect there might be a problem, this will be explained to you in as much detail as possible.  With your consent, we will contact your Consultant team or midwife responsible for your care and a full complete report will be sent to your health professionals.

This scan is in addition to your routine NHS Scan.