Occupational Health

What is Occupational Health and what do we do?

Occupational Health is the branch of medicine concerned with the interaction between work and health.

So for employers we can provide impartial medical advice on sickness absence and medical conditions that may be caused or aggravated by work. We can advise on the best ways of helping people back into work, for example, phased returns. We can advise about the implications of the Equality Act (2010) and reasonable adjustments, and to aid the manager in their decision making process.

For employees we can offer advice if they have medical problems made worse by work. We can offer advice and support on ill health retirement where appropriate.

A confidential counselling service is available where staff can refer themselves by contacting the department and can be seen whether the underlying problem is work-related or not.

We also provide immunisations to help protect workers from hazards in their workplace.
We can advise on control of infection issues.
We advise and help in the management of staff involved in needlestick injuries.

Staff are also able to self refer initially to an Occupational Health Nurse Advisor if they have a medical condition that they feel is being made worse by work or is affecting their work. If appropriate the Nurse will refer on to an Occupational Health Doctor.

Occupational Health does not;

  • Provide a treatment or referral service
  • Offer second opinions on medical matters
  • Issue sick notes
  • Tell managers what to do!
  • Have anything to do with Occupational Therapy!

Advice is independent and impartial.
The normal rules with regard to doctor-patient confidentiality apply.

If you are a non-NHS employer and wish to access this service for your employees please contact the Occupational Health Dept on (01253) 957950 or email at bfwh.occupational.health@nhs.net for further information.