Blackpool Healthier Minds offers a range of FREE webinars. These online educational sessions are delivered in a ‘presenter / audience’ format. They are not interactive, and you will not be asked to discuss or speak out.

Sleep & Relaxation: Learn how to get a better night’s sleep and how relaxation techniques can help you to manage stress. This webinar also covers three breathing exercises: controlled belly breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and mindfulness.

Resilience & Me: Learn more about resilience, how to develop and protect your resilience to deal with life’s stresses. This webinar will cover useful strategies for building resilience and the importance of self-care.

Anxiety & Worry: Learn more about worry and anxiety, the causes and what keeps it going. This webinar will also cover evidence-based strategies for managing worry and letting worry go.

Low Mood: This webinar covers the symptoms and causes of depression, as well as what keeps depression going. Two cognitive behavioural based therapeutic interventions are covered in this webinar.


All webinars are FREE and live streamed directly to you via an online link. The webinars will last around one hour.

Contact us to be added to our waiting list:

Phone: 01253 955700

Email: bfwh.healthierminds@nhs.net


We are able to arrange to deliver face-to-face or online webinar sessions at team meetings or staff wellbeing events, please contact us for further information.