Long-Term Physical Health Conditions

Long-Term Physical Health Conditions

Around 40% of people with low mood and anxiety also have a long-term physical health condition. Our trained clinicians work closely with our physical health colleagues to ensure the physical and mental health aspects of living with a long-term physical health condition are worked on together. The two things are fundamentally linked and when people make improvements with how they deal with their mental health, it invariably has positive impacts upon how they manage their physical health condition too.

If you are experiencing low mood, worry or stress due to the impact of living with a long-term physical health condition, speak to your physical health professional about a referral to the service.

Our aim is to give people tools with which to manage their mood and condition, in order for them to feel happier, healthier and more in control of life.

If you would like to access our service please use the Self-referral form or talk to the health professional that helps you to manage your health condition, and they can make a referral for you using the LTC Professional referral form.



Blackpool Healthier Minds is not able to provide reports for compensation, legal or benefits claims or prescribe medication. Blackpool Healthier Minds does not offer 24-hour or weekend access, crisis or urgent treatment, treatment for alcohol or drug problems or treatment for severe and enduring mental illness. Please discuss these needs with your GP.