Developmental or concerns for Learning Needs

BTH School Nurses LogoIf you are worried about your child’s development or learning progress, please seek advice from your child’s class teacher or ask to speak to the School’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. Your School Nurse can provide advice and early referrals to targeted services such as Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology or support you to speak with your child’s teachers.

Some children may need extra help because of a range of special educational needs, such as:

  • Thinking and understanding
  • Physical or sensory difficulties
  • Speech and language difficulties
  • Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties

The Special Educational Needs and Disability service works in partnership with parents, schools and other agencies to provide additional support and resources for children and young people who have learning difficulties and disabilities.

There is a wide range of services available in Blackpool for supporting children and young people at the various stages of their education and development.

If you have any worries, concerns or questions about your child, the School Nurses can help.

You can contact us by phone or email. Click on 'how to contact us' for further details.

For further information please use the Link Below:

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