Child Development

We will discuss your child’s development during every contact with your family so we both understand how they are progressing.

Our local Healthy Child Programme offer contains developmental assessment methods and questionnaires which are offered at set ages, such as between 2-2.5 years and 3-3.5 years. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (see below) is used by Health Visitors across the country and has been proven to identify concerns early, allowing us time to intervene and seek help.

We have extra assessments we can use to find out more information about specific aspects of development, such as speech and language. If any assessment identifies issues, we will explain them fully and discuss them with you. With your consent, we might refer your child to one of our partner agencies to enable a more specialised assessment with the aim of better defining and addressing their needs.

You can talk to us anytime about concerns regarding your child’s development.

More information: About ASQ - Ages and Stages