Accident Prevention
As your baby or child grows, they become progressively more independent in lots of ways, and more determined to explore the world around them.

Children can learn new skills, such as rolling over and climbing stairs, very quickly and you might be taken by surprise by what they can do today that they couldn’t yesterday. Some minor accidents are related to the age and stage of your child’s development and although can be part of growing up, they can be prevented.

Accidents can be serious and have life-long effects.

Safety equipment, such as safety gates, door locks and sockets covers are available, but they don’t remove the need for supervision. Throughout our Health Visitor programme, we will be talking to you about how to prevent accidents using the correct safety equipment, or by making changes in your environment, to keep your child safe at every stage of their development.

Information on safety whilst in a car and car seats requirements can be found here: Child car seats: the law: Using a child car seat or booster seat - GOV.UK (

If your child has suffered serious injury, such as drowning, burns or scalds, heavy bleeding from a wound, fall from height or a high impact head injury you should call 999 for emergency services. For non-urgent advice contact the NHS 111 service. The GP or NHS Walk-In Centre can also advise and possibly treat minor injuries dependant on the injury.