What is Podiatric Surgery?

Podiatric Surgery is a specialist field of practice within the Podiatry profession. Podiatric Surgeons are Podiatrists who have had extensive postgraduate training in the surgical management of foot and ankle problems.

Despite practising foot surgery, your Consultant will advise you about the non-surgical treatments available for your foot problem. This will help you make an informed choice regarding your treatment and agree a care plan together.

Podiatric Surgeons have a formal education in foot health and medical sciences and are trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of general medical conditions within the lower limb e.g diabetes. Your Consultant will be able to treat the foot and ankle symptoms of these conditions, but will liaise with your GP or appropriate medical Consultant for a formal medical opinion or assistance if required. Podiatric Surgeons are independent clinicians in the field of foot surgery and not medical Doctors like your GP.