Referral Criteria
The following criteria for eligibility for FNP remains fixed:
  • Enrolment and participation are voluntary
  • All women aged 19 years and under at LMP and expecting their first baby (including those expecting a multiple birth) The programme can be offered to women where previous pregnancy ended in miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or removal of infant at birth
  • Women who live in the agreed catchment area
  • Women are recruited by 28 weeks gestation except in exceptional circumstances -contact FNP for more information.

Additional areas of local flexibility mean that sites can target the FNP programme offer for first time mothers who present with the highest needs in their local area. Sites can flex their eligibility criteria to include

  • First-time mothers-to-be with additional risk/vulnerability factors (contact FNP for more information on risk factors), as opposed to all teen mothers-to-be
  • First-time mothers to be (within specified age range) in the most disadvantaged areas only

Referrals come from a variety of areas and clients are also able to self-refer.

For more information on the Programme or to refer a client please contact us by phone or email