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Spirituality is an important part of our lives involving faith, hope, concerns, relationships, purpose and creativity. Though closely linked to faith and belief, spirituality isn’t just for those who are religious. All patients should have their spiritual needs taken into account as part of their care.

For those where religion is an important part of their lives, their spiritual needs become vital. Please ask a Nurse, Therapist or Doctor if you feel this is important to you. Chaplaincy based at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and at Trinity Hospice can also advise and support offering specific spiritual care as and when needed. As well as providing direct support, Chaplains can also signpost to other sources of spiritual support too.

Our Chaplaincy team, which includes Chaplains and Volunteers, offers confidential support to our service users, as well as the staff who work in our hospitals. The Chaplaincy team can help you to work through some of the painful emotions and difficulties following the death of a loved one in a confidential and supportive environment. Please contact the team on 01253 956299/953876 if you would like to speak with them following your loss, or notify a member of our staff so they can arrange a pastoral visit.

You can find out more information about our Chaplaincy team and the services we provide by visiting the Chaplaincy section of the site.

The NHS Choices site provides further information on spirituality.