The Emergency Department is dynamic in its approach to technology. It is fully computerised and includes the latest digital imaging and information technologies.

The department is made up of the following areas:

Reception and waiting area

All patients are registered in the department upon their arrival in the smart purpose-built reception area at the entrance to the building. The new waiting room, opened in 2021,  gives an opportunity to increase the social distancing capability almost five fold leading to a much better experience for patients and visitors.

The new waiting area


A triage nurse assesses patients on arrival to the Emergency Department. There are two entrances to the department of which one is for walking patients and one is for patients brought in by ambulance.

NHS 111

People who have contacted the NHS 111 service in the first instance and have who have had an appointment booked in the Emergency Department, will be seen within the dedicated NHS 111 suite within 30 minutes. If you need to know more about the NHS 111 service at our Emergency Department, Dr Anthony Kearns, Head of Department for Emergency Medicine , explains how it works in this video:



In early 2021, the Emergency Department opened a new, spacious, minors area for all non life threatening injuries. The Minors has been meticulously designed and has the essential equipment to treat minor injuries and illness. The outstanding feature of this area is its flexibility. It has the capability to be an isolation zone for Covid patients with direct access to them without compromising the safety of other patients in the department.

Emergency Room

Staff in the Resus area

The Emergency Room has four fully equipped bays to provide emergency care for patients requiring resuscitation or urgent intervention. It also has X-ray facilities and a designated paediatric resuscitation bay.


The assessment area

This area has 16 cubicles for the management of patients whose condition requires them to be examined and treated on a stretcher or a comfortable chair.

A&E Assessment Area

ED assessment area

Paediatric assessment area

The department has a dedicated children’s area to segregate children from adults and allow for them to be cared for in appropriate surroundings. It has a play area that provides a facility to observe children as well as keeping them amused and reducing their anxiety.


The Emergency Department has CCTV and all members of staff are equipped with a bleep, which can be activated if he or she feels under threat. The Trust has adopted a zero tolerance policy and takes action against any person who is found to be threatening or violent towards members of staff.