Seven Minute Briefing

Providing intensive support in the antenatal and early postnatal period to support Blackpool families to be the best parent they can be.

Click on the headings below to learn more about the Early Parenthood Service Seven Minute Briefing:

    • More babies stay in the care of their parents safely & cared for
    • Parents get support for themselves and their families timely
    • Parents, babies and children receive consistent support across the system
    • Intensive support for some of the most vulnerable families to ensure a seamless antenatal and early postnatal journey & connecting them to community support

Who may benefit from this service?

    1. Parents who have had very difficult experiences within childhood into adulthood, some of whom may be care experienced
    2. Parents who are under 17 years of age
    3. Parents who are isolated with limited or no support from family or peers
    4. Parents who have additional support needs and/or disabilities and may require help to provide consistent care
    5. Parents who may be experiencing vulnerabilities and whose lifestyles may pose high levels of risk, such as those parents who are supported by the Changing Futures Team, meaning that they need extra support to provide safe and consistent care for their children.

    This is not an exhaustive list, if you are uncertain about your request for support please do get in touch with the team.

How do we work?

    The Early Parenthood Service is a targeted service integrated into the Blackpool antenatal and postnatal services, such as Early Help and Start for Life offer delivered by experienced and specialist nurses.  This service is open to parents of any age with any number of children, who meet the above  eligibility criteria.

    This service aims to support families from early pregnancy through to the early postnatal period who identify as needing additional support to help them to be the best parents they can be. The nurses within the service have specialist skills and knowledge of working with families in pregnancy and early childhood.  The nurse will together with the family undertake regular assessments and support through an individualised home visiting schedule covering a range of topics / interventions tailored to individual needs and goals

    At the end of the support by the Early Parenthood Service a planned transition to other services will be developed and actioned jointly by the family and nurse.

How to request support

    Requests for support are made via the family hub triage. The Early Parenthood Service  is one of a range of services on offer within Blackpool to families within the first 1001 days.

    • The Practitioner explains the process and gains the families wishes and views discussing the support available within the family hub offer
    • With consent a request for support form is sent to the family hub triage inbox
    • The Family hub triage meets to discuss which service can offer the right support at the right time
    • The Referrer is advised of the recommendations who will then feedback to the family
    • The appropriate practitioner will meet with the family to discuss the service on offer
    • Families can request support for themselves by going into a family hub