ENT for Children

Common Conditions

Coming to Clinic

If your child is coming to see us because of hearing problems, and they are four years or older, they will be taken for a hearing test by the Audiologist before seeing their ENT Doctor. If your GP has mentioned that they have wax or infection in their ear, they may be seen by the ENT Doctor to look at and clean their ear before having the hearing test.

Children under the age of four often need a more specialist hearing test. These tests can take up to an hour, and often must be arranged on another day, with another ENT appointment to discuss the results afterwards.

We have a Specialist Children's Nurse in clinic to help the children cope with any examinations and minor procedures they may need, such as cleaning wax from ears and cauterising the nose to stop nosebleeds. If your child is listed for surgery, the Nurse will take you through the next steps in preparation for your operation date.

Having an Operation

ENT is the largest speciality in children's surgery. Here in Blackpool, we are one of the only hospitals in the region outside the specialist children's hospitals that have a completely separate experience of surgery for children away from any adult patients. Every Thursday, the Day Surgery Unit is taken over by the Children's Surgery Team. You can have a look at what its like to come in to the Day Surgery Unit for an operation, in this video following a child who is having an ENT operation through the whole trip, from coming into hospital to leaving, here. See if you can recognise any staff from the video when you come in for your operation!