Dr B's Story

Responsive and Compassionate Care: Dr B's Story

A GP in Lytham St Annes saw the power of the care home connect infrastructure first hand when linking with a care home in, what was planned to be, a test connection for demonstration purposes.

Shortly before the call, the registered manager at the care home was asked to see a resident who was at end of life. Her next of kin was concerned that she was in pain due to movements in the lady’s face while she was sleeping. Once on the call, the manager took the opportunity to speak to the GP on the call in the office and explain the situation. The iPad was then taken to the resident’s bedside where the GP was able to see the lady, review her condition and provide reassurance to the home staff and her family. After the consultation, both the manager and the GP recorded the interaction on the patient’s health records.

Afterwards the GP commented that that link up had saved time for both the GP and nursing home in question in addition to providing timely and much needed advice and reassurance to the patient’s family and carers at such a critical and distressing time for them.