Pictures to Share

Picture showing someone looking at an old photograph in a printed book

Pictures to share logo of a butteflyPictures to Share is a social enterprise that is dedicated to providing high quality and non-patronising books and activity resources for those with mid to late stage dementia.

Pictures to Share illustrated books have been shown to encourage meaningful communication and provide real enjoyment when little else works, so improving the quality of life.

Pictures to Share products only feature pictures that are more likely to be understood and enjoyed by people with dementia. They are simple, clear and often colourful, with no confusing backgrounds or content that is difficult to interpret. They are chosen because they provide an opportunity for telling stories or for linking in to themes that the person with dementia will recognize.

Here is some recent feedback from a family member:

Picture of a bookshelf with various books“Showing the books to my dad when I visit him has made it so much easier for me and Dad. They help to communicate with him and calm him down if he is feeling frustrated. It is great to see him smile when he looks at the pictures. Thank you very much for these books, it is amazing how such a small thing like a book can make a lot of difference.” – Daughter of a dad with dementia.

Email Contact:
Telephone Number: 01829 770024.