Information about YOU

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At Blackpool Teaching Hospitals we have developed ‘Paint Me a Picture’ resources and these provide a tool for staff to get to know the individual behind dementia.

We ask patients to complete a card explaining their likes and dislikes etc. This assists staff in understanding the patient’s normal routine and ensures the patient’s experience is more comfortable and that being in a strange hospital environment is less stressful for patients.

Please ask staff for a ‘Paint Me a Picture’ card upon arriving at hospital.

Examples of information we will ask you complete include:

  • What you like to be called
  • Important things that have happened in your life
  • Things you enjoy doing / things you don’t enjoy doing
  • Things which relax and settle you / things which may upset you or make you anxious.

The information on the card will then be used by everyone caring for you to try and make your stay in hospital more comfortable.