Post Operative Information

Nurse seated at a computer

Following you operation, you will recover in the ward area which has separate male and female facilities. The time that you take to recover will depend on the type of operation that you have had. The Nurse that is looking after you will be able to advise you.

Following your operation, you will be able to have something to eat and drink. A selection of sandwiches and hot and cold drinks are available.

Before you are able to go home and in order to ensure your safety, the Nurse will need to confirm the following:

  • You have had something to eat and drink
  • Your pain is under control
  • There are no problems with your wound
  • Your mobility is back to normal
  • You have a responsible adult to escort you home
  • You have made arrangements for a responsible adult to be with you overnight

A discharge pack will be given to you to take home which will include, a copy of your discharge letter for you own records, medication and dressings if appropriate.

The Nurse will also inform you of any further follow-up that has been arranged following your discharge.