Day Surgery

Day Surgery Unit Reception Desk.

Day Surgery Unit reception desk.

Many reasonably fit patients with straightforward surgical conditions are suitable for day surgery and need to stay in hospital for less than 12 hours.

Many conditions whose treatment requires a general anaesthetic – hernias, varicose veins, benign lumps and gall stones may be suitable for day surgery.

Almost all procedures carried out under local anaesthetic are suitable.

Day Surgery Unit

The Day Surgery Unit, which was opened in July 2011, has three operating theatres. There is  a reception area, admission rooms and recovery area with a space for 24 trolleys. The theatres are suitable for procedures requiring general and local anaesthetic. The post operative recovery area is split in to four bays which each have en-suite facilities.

Every patient who requires a general anaesthetic will have had a pre-assessment which will have been checked by the Pre-Assessment Nurse Practitioner who will check that the patient is suitable for day surgery. Patients who are not fit or patients that are undergoing procedures that are not suitable for day surgery will be admitted in surgical admissions via the inpatient pathway.

The Day Surgery Unit is open from 7.00 hours to 22.00 hours in order to facilitate the discharge of the day surgery patients.