Visiting is encouraged between 3pm and 7pm but if these hours are inconvenient for you or you wish to spend longer with your relative or friend, please speak to the Sister in Charge, who will try to accommodate you. Critical Care is a busy area and we try to keep the number of visitors at a bedside to two at a time. If a lot of activity is happening within the unit, visitors may be asked to leave the bedside and wait in the visitor’s room until it is appropriate for you to return. Please be patient with us during these times. We have installed an intercom system to communicate with you while you are in the visitor’s room and will do our best to keep you informed about what is happening.


Children are welcome to visit our Critical Care areas, but if you intend to bring children, you will need to speak to our Sister in Charge who may need to prepare carefully for their visit.


room with two beds

Emergency accommodation for relatives

We are fortunate to have some emergency accommodation for relatives who need to stay overnight. This facility is limited however, and we ask that it be used only as an emergency arrangement for one or two nights only. Please speak to the Sister in Charge if you need to use our accommodation.


Both relatives’ rooms have tea and coffee making facilities. There is a fridge available with juice for relatives. Blackpool Victoria Hospital has a large restaurant, a coffee lounge and shops for your other requirements.