Providing Support

We welcome relatives who wish to participate in their loved ones care. If you would like to help, please speak a member of the Critical Care Team. Many of our patients have a reduced level of consciousness due to pain relieving drugs or sedatives, or as part of their illness. In our experience we find that it is helpful for you to talk to your relative or friend even if they do not seem to respond. Often the critically ill person needs touch and comfort as much as anything else and you can really make a difference to their experience by your presence, touch and conversation. The Critical Care Team will help you with this. Many recovered patients tell us they were aware of their visitors.

Intensive Care Endowment Fund

We have found that most generously, some patients and relatives wish to donate money to the unit for the benefit of future patients. Many of our facilities such as the emergency accommodation have been funded in this way. We also use the funds to improve the education and training of the Critical Care Team. If you require further information about the Intensive Care Endowment Fund, please ask a member of staff.