Intermediate Therapy Team

Community and Intermediate Care Therapy Team
North Lancashire South locality (Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy)

The team provide a rehabilitation service through the assessment of an individual’s ability to carry out activities of daily living and helps the client to retain or improve skills.

Clients will be enabled to work towards agreed goals and measurable outcomes through interventions such as:

  • Gait rehabilitation and walking aid provision
  • Transfer practice e.g bed/chair/toilet/bath including equipment provision as needed
  • Practice of everyday tasks
  • Home exercise programmes
  • Falls management
  • Postural advice and exercise
  • Advice to families/carers
  • Energy conservation
  • Relaxation and confidence building
  • Reintegration into community living
  • Accessing community resources using voluntary and
    tertiary sector.
  • Integrated working with dietetics for weight
    management clients.

Intermediate Care is a joint Social Services and health intervention, provided on a short term basis at home, through a Social Services-commissioned care agency or in a residential setting (currently Thornton House) for up to six weeks. This service is for individuals who need some degree of assessment, or rehabilitation and is aimed at preventing unnecessary admission to hospital, facilitating hospital discharge and preventing premature admission to residential care.

North Lancashire Sites and Contact Details

The Community and Intermediate Care Therapy Team is based in:

West View Health village
01253 957544