Appointments & Home Visits

Clinical Appointments


(Initial Appointment will last 30 Minutes)


Giving help and support to:-

  • Focus on your individual eating habits & dietary needs
  • Set goals for change
  • Review success with goals in a supportive environment

The clinic appointments are held at:-

  • St Annes Primary Care Centre
  • Whitegate Drive Health Centre
  • Poulton Health Centre
  • Fleetwood Hospital
  • South Shore Primary Care Centre
  • Moor Park Health & Leisure Centre

Home Visits


Who we provide home visits for?

  • Home visits are only available for house bound clients and service users in nursing homes or care homes that meet the referral criteria.
  • Visits will only be undertaken if absolutely necessary.
  • Advice maybe given over the phone.
  • You may have your support worker/ carer present with you at the home visit appointment

Please be aware that it is now Trust Policy that all pets are secured away when a member of staff is visiting. We ask that you or people you share your home with refrain from smoking whilst the visit takes place and that you ensure the room is well ventilated if smoking has taken place prior to the visit.