Poor Appetite – Food First and Homemade Nourishing Drinks

Why do I need to eat well?

When you are well nourished you can fight infection and disease more easily. Without enough to eat you may feel weak and tired.

When we are ill we often need more PROTEIN to help us recover and repair body tissue damage.

It is important that we eat plenty of CALORIES to help our bodies use the extra protein.

Try the following ‘FOOD FIRST’ approach, to boost the nutritional value of your meals without increasing the portion size;

Small and often meals – Aim for six eating occasions daily
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High Calorie Snack Ideas

High Calorie Nibble Bowls

High Protein Diet booklet

Fortifying foods

Bring back puddings!

Look after your vitamins and minerals

Stimulate the appetite

High Calorie Finger Foods

Homemade nourishing drinks

Video – How to make fortified full fat milk

High Energy, High Protein Oral Shots

 The information on these webpages are not suitable for individuals with diabetes,  following a renal diet or those with a lactose intolerance or a milk protein allergy. For individuals requiring a texture modified diet, follow guidelines which have been recommended by their Speech and Language Therapist.

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