Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU)

What is ‘Patient Initiated Follow up’ or PIFU?

Patient Initiated Follow Up or PIFU is a way of putting PATIENTS in control.

It provides patients with direct access to guidance when THEY most need it.

Research has shown that many patients do not require regular follow-up after a plan of care has been set. However, some people may experience anxiety if regular contact has been withdrawn.

The PIFU for the community dietetic service offers:

  • A 3-month period of open access to the dietetic service based on a patients’ agreed plan of care
  • After the 3-month PIFU period has ended, the patient will be discharged from the service and will need to contact their G.P if they require a referral back to the dietetic service

Please view our department ‘Patient Initiated Follow Up Appointments’ (PIFU) leaflet below: